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Only Way Out’a Here Alive
Written by: MARK BRINE

In this war that’s ragin’
(This battlefield’s a ragin’)
Attacks on every side
Land mines (pit falls) everywhere ya step
Evil’s on the rise ‘n
Jesus is the only way out’a here alive

Have ya looked around ya, lately
At what’s coming down
The mess this world is in
Insanity abounds
Satan’s on the loose
Violence on the rise
Are these the days of Tribulation
That were prophesized?

Jesus is the only way out’a here alive
If you’ll only follow Him ‘n stay rite by His side
(he’ll lead you to a new life)
He’ll lead you to the clear beyond all this crazy strife
(above this mass confusion, this never-ending strife) yes
Jesus is the only way out’a here alive

Yeah, freedom’s disappearing
One by one they’re takin’ away
Everything ya once believed in
Never thought you’d see the day
Twistin’ and a turnin’ and a warpin’ everything
From the Constitution t’ the Bill of Rights
‘til they just don’t mean a thing

Mutilators, serial killers
Makin’ millions on their crimes
From movie rights t’ sellin’ art

D’ya think we’ve lost our minds?!
The laws protect the criminals while
The crud’s boiled to the top
‘N no one’s doin’ nuthin’ ‘bout it
D’ya think it’s gonna stop?

The city’s are exploding’
There’s an earthquake goin’ on
Yet, everybody’s so absorbed ignorin’
All the wrong
But it’s never gonna go away
Believe me day by day
It’s only multiplyin’
Ya, now’s the time t’ pray ‘cause

©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)