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P. C. Blues
Written by: MARK BRINE

Po-lit-ically correct? no siree
You’re lookin’ at Mr. Non-0conformity ‘ cause I won’t

No I could never civilize myself to be
What I know ain’t me, I like t’ be free
Think for myself not collectively so I don’t
No, I could never civilize myself enough

Like I could by inta what Mr. President says
But I know it’s theatrics ‘n just messin’ with my head so I
Don’t ‘cause I just could never civilize myself t’ politicians
‘Cause they’re so full’a crap ‘n patronizin’ riff-raff that
It don’t make no sense no how ‘ n I’m smarter than that
So you see, I could never civilize myself’ t’that

F’ instance I could agree that it’s alrite
T’ take an infant’s live before it’s ripe but I don’t
‘‘Cause I just can’t see ‘n I doubt I ever will
No I’m sure its’ a fact y’ wouldn’t need t’ do that
If it wasn’t alive in the first place n’ matter which end it’s
At so ya see I could never civilize myself t’ kill

No I just can’t civilize myself t’ sell myself give up
Myself t’ please someone who don’t even know how in
The world t’ think for themselves

Hey I could believe we evolved from the apes
Like the intellects say but the thought just escapes my mind
No I could never civilize myself to just bananas!
‘Cause the make-up of man ‘n nature is so
Precisely constructed why even a fool would know there’s a God
No I could never seen no truth in what they hand us

And E-col-ogy it’s important t’ me
But I’m much more concerned with the pollution of young minds y’ see
And it’s rampant yet no one gives a damn ‘bout that reality!
No, they fend for the whales ‘n owls ‘n trees
‘N promote the annihilation of innocent humanity bass ackwards!
With their Dr. Death self-righteous piety!

‘N they scream about guns ‘n how they all should be
Outlawed with no mention of res-pon-siblity but I never
Seen a weapon go on t’ college ‘n get itself a degree
‘Cause it ain’t got no brain hey it’s only a tool
Like a hammer or an axe the end result’s what you choose t’
Do with it good ‘n evil that’s just a product of you ‘n me!

No I just can’t civilize myself or tell myself convince myself
That someone else is somehow t’ blame for the things that I do
No I accept it myself

Yup I could to like alotta folks do
look out for number one ‘n worship money, too but I can’t
‘cause I could never civilize myself t’ do
what I know is all wrong, yeah I feel that strong ‘n that’s why
I’m strugglin’ barely getting’ along but oh well still
I could never civilize myself …

Example, I could write songs that I know would sell
‘bout evil ‘n sinnin’ ‘n the road t’ hell but I don’t
‘cause, I could never civilize myself t’ tell
(you) what I know ain’t true ‘n what’d only hurt you
‘n that’s why I hate ‘em ‘n suffer for what’s true, yeah I do
Still I could never civilize myself …

Yeah, the things that I write come straight from the heart
I never been a yes-man ‘n I ain’t ‘bout t’ start f’’ no one
No, I could never civilize myself t’lie
for some financial gain I think it’s a shame
the filth I hear turned out mis-using art as it’s name ain’t so!
‘n I could never prostitute myself f’ money!

No, I just can’t civilize myself, sell myself, give up myself
t’ please the world who ain’t got a clue just where they’re
headin’, no I preserve myself

Civil rights, I full agree
but there’s a handful ‘a people that take it to the extreme degree
of absurdity, no I just can’t civilize myself t’ see
Some ‘a them far-fetched claims why you’d just have’ta be insane
like our judicial system not t’ see thru the games people play
no, I just can’t civilize myself t’ greed

Hey, no don’t get me wrong you know damn well who I mean
them criminals ‘n lawyers with their blood-money schemes it’s
disgusting! ‘n spit in the face of everything that’s right !
Hey when you’re outside of the law, you don’t deserve any law!
You forfeit it buddy shoulda thought’a that before so bear with it!
‘n accept the fruit’a your eviil way of life!

‘n all the private-interest groups, they just get on my nerves
with all their squawkin’ ‘n complainin’ ‘bout what they deserve
it’s a beach, I wish they’d all just go ‘n get themselves a life!
‘steada complicatin’ mine with their public displays
of perverse promiscuity ‘n all that “We’re in your face!” get a grip
‘cause I’ll just never agree with what I know deep down ain’t right!

Y’see it’s like “Lord of the Flies” children unsupervised
as the good’s slowly pushed out the evil will rise don’t be fooled
no, you should never civilize yourself enough
t’ where ya can’t see what’s wrong or right anymore
‘cause the Man’s coming back mite even be at the door so be ready
‘n don’t you ever civilize yourself enough ‘n that’s why

I just can’t civilize myself, sell myself, give up myself
t’ please the world who refuse t’ see where they’re headin’
no, I just deal with myself
©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)