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Somebody’s Child (Atonal Dirge)
Written by: MARK BRINE

With tears in his eyes
He looked up at me
In a doorway deserted
In such a bitter agony
Yes, ever cold was that night yet still
Warmer than mankind
I stood there in a sorrow
That still weighs my mind

Then turning in a glance
With his tear in my eye
Thru the smearing I could see
Yet not understand why
For below me in my scan
Of the neon-lit city
There was lined and empty buildings ‘n I wondered
Who more t’ pity

Somebody’s Child, nobody’s own (anybody’s own)
So precious, so innocent, yet (once precious, once innocent)
Left all alone
No one to reach out in a world full of hands
All tuck in their own pockets
Will they ever understand

One inner city youth
With no recalls of a Dad
No direction, no example
Of a man, has he had
A message blastin’ in his ear
From a perverted warped mind
Who’ll call himself ‘brother’ but
Really all the time, he’s just another

Kinda slave trader one even
Worse than the first
Who’ll sell not only a body
But a soul for his thirst
Of power and money then by the six o’clock news
He’s somewhere out of the picture of one more
Dead inner city youth
©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)