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Yankee Doodle Return
Written by: Mark Brine

I’m still waitin’ on YANKEE DOODLE
t’ come ridin’ inta town
sportin’ that feather stuck in his cap
and bouncin’ up ‘n down
Whistlin’ away on that patriotic old tune
about freedom found (bound)
Yeah, I’m still countin’ on Yankee Doodle
t’come ridin’ inta town
(Yeah, me I’m countin’ on Yankee Doodle
t’ come ridin’ inta town)

With his chin up proud ‘n unashamed
I see him prancin’ along
Pony Expressin’ ‘n bringin’ back
any spirit that was gone

He ain’t no politician
He ain’t no high fallutin’
He’s the everyday person like you
Still believin’ in the truth
‘N God we trusted in
t’ help us carry freedom through
©1999 Mark Brine Music