From the recording My Christmas Song for You

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Mary Had A Choice Too (Behold Mother)
Written by: Mark Brine

Mary had a choice
And blessed is she
'Cause she freely accepted
And trusted in belief
That God would make a way
And supply her every need
In spite of fear and danger
She followed faithfully

Yes Mary had a choice
To bear the Son of God
And bring to use salvation
And raise this child, our Lord
Yes no one forced her hand
And even, when a man
She followed Him right to the cross
Tho she did not understand

Then Mary had a choice too
With her heart pierced painfully
(2. in agony)
To believe (2. trust) or lose her faith in God
For what seemed such a dark reality
But she never gave up hope
No she waited patiently
(2. she trusted and believed)
Yes, Mary had a choice too (2. like you)
And her dream it came to be
(2. And what joy there came to be)
'Cause she believed, yes

Mary had a choice
As every woman does
To do what's right in God's sight
And guard her love
Because each woman will determine
In the decisions that she makes
And maybe just like Mary
Make this world a better place
�2006 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)