1. Wise Men

From the recording My Christmas Song for You

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Wise Men
Written by: Mark Brine

Wise Men still search for Him today
Wise Men still seek the Light the
(1. perfectness) (2. selflessness) (3. loving way) of Christ
Yes, Wise Men still search for Him each day (today)

Christmas time reminds us of
The Wise Men 'n Goodwill
The giving gifts and giving love
The happiness they instill

The striving more for Godliness
That each of us should do
Thru-out the year-thru-out our lives
His way we should pursue 'cause

Yes, Christmas time is giving time
'N oh what joy it yields
There is no greater fulfillment
Than the good it makes us feel

Yet how easy we forget
'N return unto our greed
But those who seek the Lord are blessed
With Wisdom's everliving seed, yes
�2006 Mark Brine Music (BMI)