From the recording My Christmas Song for You

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Your Doorway (Christmas Eve)
Written by: Mark Brine

There were stenciled angels on the window glass
And I stopped on the snowy sidewalk, on Christmas Eve
As I walked past YOUR DOORWAY, our old doorway
And I saw us in the window from another Eve
You were smilin' like ya used to in your tender lovin' way
And I just couldn't leave your doorway, our old doorway

Your doorway had a wreath with a ribbon tied
And as I focused thru the tears that blurred my eyes
I saw it, the new name on it, on your doorway
(on our old doorway)

Then you came to the glass but didn't see me there
'N I started thru the snow, I felt to call you thru the frozen air
Oh, just to be in there, inside your doorway
Yeah, our old doorway but
�2006 Mark Brine Music (BMI)