From the recording Real Special Feelin'

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Written by: MARK BRINE
AGGIE, it's been such a long, long timeAggie, are ya gettin' along fineSeems like but a century Since I smelt your sweet perfumeAggie, you're still on my mind
Lilacs in the groveYour beige cameosDeep sarsaparilla eyesAnd the day ya had to goIt's all there in the pastColors shattered like bits of glassLeavin' my mended stained-glass heart From such a long, long time ago

Chorus:Aggie, AggieIt's a shame ya never knew How much you meant to meThere's just so much I could have said to make ya seeBut it's too late

Aggie, do ya ever think of me'Cause you're still fresh in my thoughts And that's the way you'll always beRestin' peacefully On the piazza swing for twoAggie, waitin', hopin' there for meĀ©1999 Black Pottery Music (BMI)