From the recording for Karrie

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Written by: Mark Brine
Where do I go ... when the wind blows bitter cold to where it's always peaceful, warm ..and I’m always free from harm.  Yes, where is there always ... the truest love found waiting when there's none left, in the world and it's so unsettled and uncalm ...
Chorus:  Your always open arms ..Yes, your (2.  Lord, your ...) forever out-stretched arms.  You're my port in every storm ..when I'm injured, hurt 'n torn ... where do I return ... Yes, where do I always turn ... to ... your always open arms. 
Where is my strength ... when I'm all, but, beaten down and crushed, just like a flower ... in the world's cruel, gripping palm.  Yes, where is there the magic ... and the cure-all for my ails.  Where is all the love, I'll ever need ... in your ... always open arms ...  ©2003 Mark Brine  -  Mark Brine Music (BMI)