1. Always You

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Written by: Mark Brine

 Summer came 'n summers went The life we knew, the days were spent The meadows green, the skies of blue  And it was ALWAYS YOU, babe Always you

 The dreams like rainbows across the horizon Always runnin' 'n chasin' 'em - but never arrivin But mornin' would come 'n we'd still be risin And it was always you - yeah, it was always you

 Chorus: Life is a mystery, baby it just keeps rollin' on by No matter whatcha think of it  Ya just never know why No, all ya can do is try And babe, we gave it a try  (Yeah, all you can do is try … just remember) It was always you, yeah It was, always you

 The regrets, dark clouds just let 'em roll across the sky They ain't worth the worry or the tear you cry There's only tomorrow, and if it makes ya sigh Just remember, too it was always you©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)