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Written by:  MARK BRINE
 Dearest Kare-Angel (thief of my heart) Impatience … is a 'hurts-you' In patience … 'n true love …Forever … beyond all time 'n when we're together again (at last!) you'll truly understand
 Jack Frost
 P.S. AND …

I'LL WAIT FOR YOU Darlin' I'll be true And though we're miles apart You're right here in my heart And I'll wait for you Darlin' I'll be true (Darlin' I love you)

 Maybe I'm a fool to trust you, but I do Maybe in my absence you'll share love with someone new, still I'll wait for you Darlin' I'll be true But though we're miles apart your always in my heart And I'll wait for you cause darlin' I love you

 Tempting eyes, deceiving lies I'm sure you're gonna find them too But just remember like I do I'm so in love with you
 And so, I'll wait for Darlin' I love you I'll wait for you Yes, I'll wait for you©2004 Mark Brine Music (BMI)