From the recording Electric Hillbilly

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Written by: Mark Brine
1. Lookin’ like a snake you wiggle in
Baby, get so excited, I just don’t know where t’ begin
You got that black dress on ‘n it’s so sleek
‘n you’re so slick ‘n ... baby, oouuuHey, baby doll
let’s stay right here ‘n get a word
‘n get this straight between me ‘n you ... ‘cause baby

You move me ... Yeah, baby ... You move me
‘n I can feel it shake just like an earthquake
above my feet‘cause, Baby you move me

2. Sizzlin’ hot property, baby that’s you
I know my lady when I see her ‘n I do
You got more going for you than most woman ever dream of
Yes, whatever you are needin’ sure I’ll do my best
t’ see ya through‘cause ... (chorus)

3. What’s a man like me supposed t’ do
As lucky as I am t’ have me a lady like you
I just can’t help it, can’t control it,
wanna hold it back but baby doll can’t do
So let me express it to you, darling..
‘cause I swear it’s gonna satisfy ya too
Yeah, baby .. (Chorus)
©2003 Mark Brine/Mark Brine Music (BMI)