From the recording Old Timey Tunes, Vol. 2

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Written by: Mark Brine
I dreamed that I woke up on CalvaryIt was misty like in a mornin’ dew’s frostI walked up close and saw JesusSheddin’ his blood on the Cross
I stood there below him and I looked upAnd I realized what our sinnin’ had costAnd I trembled from the voice of my conscienceAnd from all of the Blood on the Cross
Chorus:Blood on the Cross... What the whole world lostAnd gained by his Blood on the Cross
Then his dyin’ eyes looked down upon meAnd for a moment I felt so aloneBut then a feeling of warmth overcame meOf a love that I never had known
And as I reached up to help him his eyes closedAnd my dream and the vision was lostI woke up with tears in my eyesStill feeling his Blood on the Cross©1984 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)