1. Blue Roses

From the recording Return to Americana

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Written by: Mark Brine
Mr. Florist ... could you fill an order that, I know, might sound strange.  But I'd like to send them to the lady that used to wear my name.  Blue Roses ... if ya have them.. might express the way I feel 'cause, even tho, it's been some time.. my love for her's still real. 
Chorus: Blue Roses and a note that says Je t'aime ... pour la vie.  'Cause, she might think I'm over her ..but that's just never gonna be.  And even if it's too late, I'd like to still send them along so, she'll know I'm really sorry that I treated her so wrong. 
There always was a special place.. for roses in her heart.  And, I was like that too, once.. but, now we're worlds apart.  And I know, now.. what she meant to me.  I was just too blind to see.  But, it's better late than never and, there might still be time, so please.  ©1983 Mark Brine - Streets of Gold Music (ASCAP)