1. Chickenfeed

From the recording I Deliver

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Written by: Mark Brine

Intro:It’s come to my attention these last couple of daysAbout human beings ‘n animals.. ‘n the roles they come to playNow, this farm is a prime example.. of who’s the beast of burden breedAnd who’s got it made on Easy Street... ‘n who gets ... Chickenfeed

1. Now, you take that fat ole pig, I wish you would‘Cause all he does … is oink a lot ‘n fill his face‘N roll ‘round in the mudBut me, I work my buttock off for everythingin life I need.. And all I ever got for all my work is ... Chickenfeed

2. That lazy rooster crows at the break of ev’ry dayLovin’ on them chickens ... that’s what pays his wayWhy couldn’t I have a job like his, ‘cause reallyit’s more my speedNo, instead I gotta slave ... for chicken feed

Chorus:Chickenfeed ... Chickenfeed ... these farm (yard) bluesare killing me  ... eeeee ... I put my heart ‘n soul in.. tryin’ so hard to succeed‘N what’d I get ... you guessed it ... Chickenfeed©1987 Mark Brine Music (BMI)