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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Come spring I’ll be movin’ down the line (2x)Believe I’d move my shoes right nowBut it’s too cold in the winter time

2. Come spring you won’t be seein’ me no moreYou’ll think about me sometimes … but you won’t see me anymoreNo, I believe you’ll appreciate me better then… When I don’t come ‘round your door

Come spring it’ll be so darn prettyThere’ll be flowers everywhereYou’ll peek out your window lookin’ for meBut I betcha I won’t be there... Anywhere... ‘cause

3. Come spring I’m gonna be movin’ on down the lineYeah, come spring I’ll be doin’ just fineCan’t be waitin’ on you no moreSittin’ ‘round with this worried mind

4. Come spring I won’t be your nuisance no moreYou won’t have’ta sweat about me like you’ve been doin’ more ‘n moreNo, you can save you lies ‘n promisesFor the next fool at your door©1982 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)