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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Whenever I get t’ feelin’ I deserve much more in lifeMonetary compensation for the things I’ve done rightYes, the work of my own hands (that) I should be doin’ anywayIt all just seems so selfish in the moment that I pray

Chorus:Consider the lilies that’s what Jesus used to sayThey neither spin nor toil yet how beautifully arrayedOur Father up in heaven He knows your every need(2. He has given you your wealth)Have faith and never worry... share amongst you and believe (2. To share with those less fortunate... yes, it’s yours to hoard or help)

Yes, how we strive for comforts greater than what we yet haveFeeling we’re entitled never seeing all the badYes, the hopelessness and hunger all around us, so much needThen we accuse our God that it’s His job when it’s really it’s our greed©2001 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)