From the recording I Deliver

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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Got a cranky ole cow ... she’s an onry ole grouch ... ain’t got The faintest idea of what bein’ cheerful’s all about She just chews her cud ‘n frowns all dayShe’s forever on a down ‘n that’s why I sayShe’s just a cranky ole cantankerous cow

2. When she ain’t in the mood ... Which is pretty nearly all the timeShe won’t give me no milk or even any peace of mindshe’ll just lie up in the barn..’n snarl ‘n snort ‘til the cows come home… And it’s because of course ... She’s just a cranky ole cantankerous cow

Chorus:Got me this mean ole cantankerous ... Sometimes it’s disastrous ..  try’n get along somehow with that cranky ole cantankerous cow

3. I’ll say “Good mornin’, Mrs. Cow”And I’ll give her a big smileShe’ll just say “What’s so good about it, you ole crocodile!!”I’ll give it one more try ... “My, don’t you look good today”She’ll just shake her head… ‘n just walk awayWhat an impossible, cantankerous ole cow©1989 /Mark Brine Music (BMI)