From the recording Old Timey Tunes, Vol. 2

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Written by: Mark Brine
1. We never met before toniteAnd now I’m lyin’ in her embraceAnd I know that I’ve been here beforeAnother time... Another place‘Cause when I close my eyesNo matter who I’m ever withThe past comes back, and I’m with youAnd our love makin’s all re-lived
Chorus:Deja Vu... It’s youNo matter who I’m holdin’ tightThey become you, and a moment from a faded nightAnd Deja Vu, they’re youAnd once again, I feel alright‘Cause, Deja Vu... It’s you
2. You were every woman I ever lovedOr ever would for my whole lifeAnd if the truth was ever knownI’d trade them all to be with you tonite‘Cause what’s before me though it’s realIt just doesn’t change my lonelinessSo, I just fantasize the situationAnd simply try to make the best …yeah… ©1984 Streets of Gold (ASCAP)