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Written by:  MARK BRINE
We went to the beach one sunny dayDown by the ocean in a beautiful bayThere was big brite umbrellas all colors f’sureAll across the sand-rite down to the shore'N everywhere ya looked there was these big birds Lookin’ for food ‘n there wasn’t no denyin’I learned a hard lesson that I’ll pass on to you‘N I hope you’ll just listen ‘cause believe me, it’s true

DON’T EVER PINCH A SEAGULLThey’ll scream bloody murder so loudThe whole beach’ll stop what they’re doin’You’ll have every eye on ya in the crowd Like as if you just murdered somebodyOh, what a deathly lullNo, take my word ‘n just trust me • Don’t ever pinch a seagull!

What an awful terrible experience that wasI still can remember that dayBefore all’a that I was havin’ such a swell timeHow quickly it slipped awaySo I hope you’ll believe what I’ve told ya‘N whenever you go to the beachIf ya wanna have fun ‘n enjoy all the sunWell, doncha ever be tempted to reach - no©:2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)