1. Duck Day Blues
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Written by: Mark Brine

1. It’s a duck day out here... Baby take a lookIt’s rainin’ like cats ‘n dogsHey, let’s not spend all day..  just try’n to’ dodgein ‘n out’a them wet raindrops

Yeah, it’s an H20 day.. ‘n it’s gonna stay that wayWe might as well settle on in‘N make the best .. of the tryin’ not t’ get wet‘Til ole Mr. Sun pokes his head out again

Makes ya want to yawn... Lay up all day longThere ain’t a whole lot you can do(2. I think I know what we could do)Hey, baby, pass me my guitar... I believe I’ll write a little tune(2. First let me play you my guitar ‘n sing ya this little tune.. ‘n I…)All about these duck day blues(2. Believe I’m gonna call it ‘The Duck Day Blues’)

‘N now that it’s all done, baby, let’s go ‘n have us some fun‘N love away these duck day blues©1990 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)