From the recording I Deliver

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Written by:  Mark Brine
1.I met Duke, back in '85.. when I first come t' this town   we was both giggin' at the same joint then.. he's one'a the first   few friends I found   He was a real Classic Bluesman.. 'n I just loved what he was puttin'    down
2.Yeah, Duke played the piano.. 'n he sung with all'a his heart   he worked with Billie Holiday 'n alot'a them Jazz Folks..   back when they got their start   yeah, he sure knew his history.. he was a Master of his Art
3. Me 'n Duke used t' run together.. even after he took sick   'cause, music 'n people was better medicine.. than any Doctor   could prescript   Yeah, gettin' out 'n livin' life for ole Duke.. that'd would always do the    trick
4. In '93, ole Duke gave in, he couldn't take it anymore   'n I lost myself, in this ole world, a pal that I won't see no more   but, I'll guarantee ya, I'll never forget him.. no, I won't forget   him, 'n that's for sure!
Tags: Yeah, I won't forget ole Duke.. I still can hear him singin'...
   "Flip, flop 'n fly.. I don't care if I die"...   "Ernestine is out tonite!"... Yeah, I know ole Ernestine.. Tina..    she's a real sweet gal.. 'n...Yama... that's what Duke used t' call    him... Ole Yama.. Yeah, I know all them folks.. Sure do!....
    "Flip, flop 'n fly... I don't care if I die!... Bye, Baby, Bye", etc.
©1994 Mark Brine Music (BMI)