1. Factory Blues
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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Workin’ on a factory dock ... that CSX passin’ by
Thinkin’ about my home far away ... feelin’ like I could cry
Wonderin’ if that ole freight train might just be headin’ that way
Boy, if I could ride, I’d sure be gone ‘n leave this old town t’day

These factory blues ... I’ll tell ya, it’s true ...
(2. I know it’s true ... )
Ain’t no kinda life f’ me ...
Give me m’ guitar ‘n a highway sign
That’s pointin’ t’ where I should be
‘steada stackin’ these skids ... liftin’ that load ... no
That ain’t for you-know-who
No, I got a mind on headin’ back home
‘n leavin’ behind these factory blues

2. I use t’ think I had it bad
Little did I really know
What a good thing I had right where I was
But, ain’t that the way it goes
Livin’ ‘n learnin’, I’m hurtin’ ‘n
Stuck where I shouldn’t be
And every sad moan ... those train whistles blow
Just serve t’ be remindin me that
©1995 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)