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  1. Factory Boy

From the recording LIVE in a Field of Bluegrass


Written by: Mark Brine

1. You see him, early mornings as he stumbles in sightHis hat brim pulled down to block the daybreak lightHis paper sack sways as he trudges onpast the little corner store and then he’s gone

Chorus:Factory boy ... Factory boyGot no time for childhood toys(2. You got dreams but no time to enjoy ‘cause you’re prisoned)(3. You got a dream you long to enjoy)Imprisoned in the world of the adult employedOouu ... oouu ... oouu ... factory boy (2x)

2. Through the chain-linked fence ... Come lunchtime breakYou see his sad face starin’ out lookin’ so forsakedThe world is slippin’ by ... he turns his head awayAnd stumbles ‘cross the yard to resume the working day

3. In the cool night air, he walks the freight yard tracksHeadin’ for home ... he never looks backHe only stares ahead and wishes for the dayWhen these winding railroad tracks will lead forever far away.
©1986 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)