1. Fishin' Day
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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Today’s gonna be a fishin’ dayI can feel it in my bonesThe birds are chirpin’ in the early dawnAs if that ain’t enough reason alone

2. Yeah, them fishes they’re gonna be bitin’ I can tell with just one lookToday they’re gonna be snappin’ up practically anythingthat ya want to be slappin’ on a hook

Chorus:Goin’ down t’ Beaver CreekWith my ole cane fishin’ poleEither gonna bring me back a big oneOr the greatest fishin’ tale ever toldAin’t gonna show at the job todayAin’t gonna work, no way!No I deserve a break today.. ‘n it’s gonna be a fishin’ day

3. Yeah, today’s gonna be vacation timePlayin’ hooky on the human raceGonna prop my back up against’a  river bank log‘N smack a big ole smirk right across my face

4. Ain’t a soul gonna spoil my hard-earned fun My time’s rolled around t’ playDon’t care what no-body’s got  t’ say...This is gonna be a fishin’ day.©1989 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)