From the recording Electric Hillbilly

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Written by: Mark Brine
You're gonna lose your man don't you understand
You been puttin' me down time 'n time again
Put up with all I can just what's you think i am
Yeah, don't you understand you're gonna lose gonna
(2. Can't you get it through your head ...)
You're gonna lose your man

1. Every night you're gone you know this can't go on
You've been tryin' my patience but it won't be long
I'm gonna be long gone, yeah just as far as i can
Yeah, can't you comprehend you're gonna lose, gonna lose your man

2. Yeah, Some ole rat's been sneakin' 'round my can
You know your cheese ain't foolin' this here connoisseur man
I know what's secondhand, do you read me ma'am
Yeah, am i comin' thru, do you under ... under... understand?

C2006 Mark Brine - Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)