1. Guitar Boy
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Written by: Mark Brine

1. The guitar boy... he’s passing throughDon’t matter where he’s from... it’s where he’s goin’ to ‘Cause when he sings them songs... the feelin’s what ya hearHis message like water ... universal clear

2. His britches are torn ‘n his shoes all wornFrom a hard road gone ‘n a many sung songSocial commentary or a little romanceA lilt or two for ‘s t’ make us dance.. hey

Chorus:Guitar boySing (pick) us your tune‘N pass that ragged hat...We’ll tip you, too‘N applaud you when ya doneFor your gift of joy‘N be waitin’ your return someday...Guitar boy

3. The guitar boy... he’s ragged but he’s right He helps ya forget all your worries ‘n strife‘N when the early mornin’ comes he’ll be somewhere’s long-goneMiles down that road .. still ‘a pickin’-out that song... so... ©Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)