1. Hands on You

From the recording Electric Hillbilly

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Written by: Mark Brine
1. When i get my hands on you ... oh, what a time we'll have
I've been missin' you so much and i gotta get with you so bad
I'm a gonna lay some lovin's on you ... 'n you know what I'm talking about
And baby when you think i'm done i just begun 'cause we are gonna wear it out

Ooooooouuuu ... I can feel your tenderness and your soft caress
Ooooooouuuu ... I can picture the things we'll do 'n ooouu what we'll do
When I get my hands on you

2. When I get my arms around you, baby you ain't getting no rest
I've been so itchin' for your huggin' 'n kissin' 'n i ain't gonna settle for less
Yeah, you'll just have t' settle on in 'cause it's going take some time
For me to attend to what i'm needin' to tend to.. to get this missin' you off my mind.

Chorus 2:
Ooooooouuuu ... I can feel your tender touch i've missed so much
Ooooooouuuu ... I'm just dyin' to do to you what i'm fixin' to do
when I get my hands on you

c2006 Mark Brine - Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)