From the recording Electric Hillbilly

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Written by: Mark Brine
He wrote our names upon His hands
As He promised us so long ago
That he would never ever forget us
Wherever that He may go
Indelibly, He had them placed there
Like initials carved in a tree
As a sign of love, ever-endearing
Before we even ever came to be
Yes, He knew each one of us
Before the dawning of time
That's what He wrote in His word
And in an act of total self denial
He gave Himself that we might be assured

In a promise of old as the words they were told
That He'd never forget or leave us out in the cold no-

He wrote our names upon His hands
Embedded right deep in His flesh
With a show of love completely unequalled
Not to mention it's selflessness
Yes, to right the wrong of one man's crime
That all thru Him might not fail
Yes, He wrote our names upon His hands
With a pair of rusty ole nails

C2006 Mark Brine - Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)