1. Hillbilly Song

From the recording Return to Americana

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Written by: Mark Brine

1. There’s a hillbilly song and it’s playin’Oh, Darlin’, please come ‘n dance with meHear the fiddle, guitar and the dobroAnd the stand-up bass thumpin’ in beatWould ya please, darlin’, please come to meAnd waltz to the shinin’ down moon‘cause, there’s a hillbilly song and it’s playin’And it’s, oh, such a romantic tune

Chorus:There’s a hillbilly song and it’s playin’I can feel your soft touch as we’re swayin’And there’s nothin’ in the world that could steal me away ... When there’s a hillbilly song and it’s playin’

2. In your ear you can hear my soft whisperOh, darlin’, please ... come 'n dance with meto a place just a ways that I know of where alone we can finally bebeneath the stars and a tree that’s there waitin’ In the meadow we’ll softly be layin’ Makin’ love ‘neath the moon to an enchanted tune ... ‘causeThere’s a hillbilly song and it’s playin’©1982 Dream City Music (BMI)