From the recording Return to Americana

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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Honey, try’n understand ... I’m doin’ all I canbut getting’ by these days ... it just ain’t easy on a manBut that’s all gonna change someday ... and though I don’tknow how or when ... but ... you and me, we’re gonna see the good times once again

Chorus:Honey, we’re gonna rise above it ... just you wait and seeNo, let’s not let these bad times get the best of you and me ... no ... Don’t lose faith, just keep believin’ and give it time for me‘cause, honey, we’re gonna rise above  it ... just you wait and see

(And)2. Honey, you know ‘s well as me that life’s all ups and downsOne day you’re flyin’ high ... the very next you’re on the groundBut, that’s the way it goes ... no life ain’t always like it shouldBut, the bad ... why that’s the thing that makes us appreciate the good
©1982 Dream City Music (BMI)