From the recordings Old Timey Tunes, Vol. 2 and Farm Girl

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Written by: Mark Brine

 Ever since we've been apart, we've been the best of friends  When one of us needs anything, the other one wants to lend  And when I'm down now you seem to care more than when I was home  But when we lived together, we had to go it all alone

 How come we can't live together under the same roof  The way we get along so good now you'd think that it be proof  But no we're always picking at each other, disagreeing all the time How come we can't live together and try and get along this fine

 My personal kept secrets even now I still tell you  'Cause I know deep down I trust you more than anyone I ever knew  Its like no matter where we are in this entire universe  Our minds are so in tune but in the flesh it just won't work
 So why don't you tell me … ©Chip 'n Dale Music (ASCAP)