From the recording Old Timey Tunes, Vol. 2

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Written by: Mark Brine
I know I prob’ly sometimes cross your mind
But you’re re- married now and no longer mine
And your new life it’s got you chained and
though you’d like to say it, too, ya can’t say ‘I still love you”...
But I will ‘cause I do
‘Cause if I die, I’ll never have the chance.. to say
What’s really on my mind
And I’d want it that you knew .. you were my
Best love of all-time
But don’t feel you owe me words (things) you said back then
...It’s just that if I die I’ll never speak to you again
Yes, I’ve been lonely ... You’re still on my mind
No, there’s no one new... I ain’t really tried to find
No, my new life it got me chained and though I’d like to
Love anew... Can’t say I really do
But I will say... ‘I love you’...