From the recordings Real Special Feelin' and Farm Girl

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Written by: MARK BRINE

If your heart is ever hurtin', it don't have 'ta beIf loneliness is slammin' doors, I'm your window freeIf the world becomes too heavy, I'll hold it up for you and gladly tooYour life, if it gets old, I'll make it all feel new

Chorus:IF YOUR THOUGHTS ARE EVER MINE Don't have a second doubt 'Cause mine are all of you You're all I think about and Somewhere down the road There's gonna come a timeYes, there'll be a time for meI'll still be waitin'If your thoughts are ever mine

When you're drowning in your tears and none will dive into the raging seaThat's pulling down, I'll rescue youFor I'm just waitin' on the shore, watchin' over you - yeah I really doI always have 'cause I'm the one who really cares for you©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)