Written by:  Mark Brine

Chorus:I'm walkin'.. walkin'.. In Between the Raindropsthinkin' what my Daddy used to say(2.waitin' on a brighter, sunny-ier day )(He'd say).. I'm walkin'.. walkin' .. In Between the Raindropswaitin' on a brighter, sunny-ier day(2. dodgin' all the Blues that come my way)

1. Whenever Daddy'd come home in a rainstormmy Momma always thought it awful strange'cause, he'd never wear a raincoat or an umbrellayet, he's never wet enough to even change... he'd say...

2. So, now that life has brought me so much sorrowa part of me would just assume give in (but..)I find myself rememberin'... that ole sayin'... 'n ..I sing to myself, again & again... Yeah... ©2011 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)