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Written by: Mark Brine

I'm walkin'.. walkin'.. In Between the Raindrops
thinkin' what my Daddy used to say
(2.waitin' on a brighter, sunny-ier day )
(He'd say).. I'm walkin'.. walkin' .. In Between the Raindrops
waitin' on a brighter, sunny-ier day
(2. dodgin' all the Blues that come my way)

1. Whenever Daddy'd come home in a rainstorm
my Momma always thought it awful strange
'cause, he'd never wear a raincoat or an umbrella
yet, he's never wet enough to even change...
he'd say...

2. So, now that life has brought me so much sorrow
a part of me would just assume give in (but..)
I find myself rememberin'... that ole sayin'... 'n ..
I sing to myself, again & again... Yeah...
©2011 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)