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  1. In My Son's Eyes
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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Y' know, I once had a bit of a drinkin' problembut, I was saved by a little boy'cause, every time I looked at him he'd just fill my heart with joy-'n I knew my wrong would destroy his worldso, I focused in on him'n I learned what love.. truly was.. 'n it becameall so simple then

Chorus:'cause, In My Son's Eyes.. I saw God's lookin' back at me...innocent 'n so precious (2. needin').. 'n trusting, oh so, hopefullythat I could be... everything that he.. needed me to be...Yes, In My Son's Eyes.. I saw God's starin' back at me(Tag: Yes, In my little boy's eyes...I saw, etc.)

2. Y' know, true love is surrenderin'.. 'n goin' without..for someone else..yes, giving up things we know (deep down).. only serve ourselvesYeah, 'n many will say, "I'd die for you"... 'n as heroic as that might seemthey never realize the two-fold truth of what.. that really 'n truly can mean...©2008 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)