1. I Deliver

From the recording I Deliver

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Written by: Mark Brine

1. When you’re sitting ‘round the house ...on those boring, lonely nightsAnd you start to cravin’ love to satisfy your appetiteWell, baby, you know my number ... there’s no need to go without‘Cause I’m just waiting by the telephone for whatever you need carried out ...’n..

Chorus:I deliver ... No, don’t you ever feel ashamed (2.hesitate) to call I deliver ... Whether it be an order large or small ... anytime at all ... ‘cause, I Deliver

2. In the early morning hours ... when the hunger gets the worseThrough the middle of the day ... always think about me first‘Cause though I know there’s lots of competition out there ... When you call me, it’s understoodThat what you’re going to get is top of the line ... and mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm good ... ‘cause ….©1993 Mark Brine Music (BMI)