1. I Got It Made

From the recording Electric Hillbilly

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Written by: Mark Brine

1. I know I've lots'a reasons.. t' hang my head 'n moan
But i ain't gonna be sorrow's slave
I'm gonna keep my chin up, smile.. 'n laugh my troubles away
'cause fact is I got it made

2. Sure, the whole world's crazy you don't need t' tell me that
I see it from my windows every day
But at least i got my eyes t' look upon it 'n you could say
Just one a them reasons I got it made Yeah

I got it made ... i got it made in the shade
I'm a lazy good-f'-nuthin' .. but at least my bills get paid
'n i ain't never gonna be no millionaire but i don't care
'cause in spite of everything i got it made.

3. I'll admit that bad luck follows me like a map was on my back
But at least i got these legs t' get around
'n someday when i learn t' run, i'm gonna leave it in the dust
'n look out then, 'cause people, i'm freedom bound yeah. ...

4. But even if i never do I'm gonna thank the Lord above
Ev'ry single day for what He gave
'cause even tho i ain't got much.. I got myself 'n that's enough
as long as I do i got it made

c2006 Mark Brine - Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)