From the recording Old Timey Tunes, Vol. 2

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Written by: Mark Brine
Ruby used to cook and sewAnd wash the family clothesAnd Momma didn’t like her very muchAs far as color goesBut Ruby never seemed to care too muchAt least it never showed‘Cause, Ruby loved us childrenLike as if we’d been her own
She used to smile and hold me closeAnd call me honey-childShe’d rock me in her arms asleepAnd hum a little while‘Cause momma had too much to doWith socials and ‘noon bridgeAnd didn’t have the time to giveThe love that Ruby did
I remember Ruby like my mother should’ve beenFindin’ time when there weren’t noneBetween the chores she’d tendChasin’ us all around the room andThe funny things she’d sayI remember Ruby in a special precious way(2.I remember Ruby.. like my mother’d never  been)
Daddy sent a telegramIt reached me late todayMomma’d passed away last nightHer heart just gave awayBut back when Ruby did last springIt hurt me worse back thenIn my mind Ruby was the momMy mother’d never been©1974 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)