1. Jessica Blue

From the recording I Deliver

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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Jessica blue...I love youReally do... Miss Jessica Blue... I can see you in your bedroom light... While I sit out here in the moonlit night‘N just sing for you... Miss Jessica Blue

2. It’s just so hard...  for a shy boy t’ sayWhat’s on his mind...  but I’m gonna some dayBut for now, I’ll just sit up here in this loftUntil your bedroom light goes off ‘n I’ll justSing for you ... Jessica Blue ... (‘n play this guitar, too)

Chorus 1:Wishful thinkin’ ‘bout the one I loveJessica Blue ... it’s youDay in day out ... It’s like a never-endin’ thing ... Yeah, That’s all I ever wanna t’ do ... Cause, Jessica Blue ... I sure got these blues for you

Chorus 2:
Sleepy dreamin’ of the one you loveWho could it be, Jessica Blue?What I wouldn’t give just t’ know it was me ... Why, That’d make all my dreams come true ... ‘causeJessica Blue ... I’m just wild about youYeah, Jessica Blue ... I sure got the blues for you©1985 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)