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Written by:  MARK BRINE
 It was known up 'n down In every little town That was settled along the new canals Sam Patch was renown The young man from Rhode Island Who would jump from any height The crowds would gasp in horror As they’d watch him in his flight

 Chorus: LEAPIN’ SAM PATCH The young man oh so brash Sailin’ through the air he’d come Like a lightnin’ boltin’ flash Leapin’ Sam Patch a legend far ‘n near But, oh the price of glory Is a price so ever dear

 Genesee Falls 1829 Rochester New Yorkers gathered Waitin’ there in lines‘N down he soared the crowd it roared But when the curtain call came ‘round Leapin’ Sam Patch He was no where to be found©2003 Mark Brine Music (BMI)