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Written by: Mark Brine

As important as the world around you might seemSomeday you’ll wake to find, life’s just a dreamAnd the treasures that lured you, with sparkle and gleamWill then disappear ... ‘csuse life’s just a dream

Yes, all of the things that mean so much in lifeWill vanish as quick as the rays of a lightThen those who use wealth as  a false self-esteemWill be rudely awaken ... ‘cause life’s just a dream

Life’s just a dream, and it won’t mean a thingWhether you were a beggar or a glorified kingAnd to have fame and money, as nice as it seemsYou can’t take them with you, ‘cause life’s just a dream

All the gold mansions on the isles of life’s streamWill sink for the currents come fast and unseenNo warnings, no trumpets or loud sirensNo, there won’t be a trace left, ‘cause, life’s just a dream
©1990 Mark Brine Music (BMI)