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Written by: Mark Brine

1. There’s folks that’s gonna tell you that it’s easyThat love’s a game of simple give-n-takeBut I ain’t ever known it to be like that ..‘cause..I’ve seen the many hearts that love can break

2. Yes, the easy-come ‘n easy go romanticsNever stickin’ with the hard times, sure t’ come‘N before y’ know it, another life’s been shattered‘N the pieces cut like glass when it’s all done

Chorus:‘Cause love is a game but the stakes are highY’ lose, y’ lose big ‘n it hurts insideLike Russian roulette it can take your lifeLove is a game but ‘cha gotta play it right

3. So take this word of warning, if y’ will ‘nNever jump in without knowin’ from the startThat the water might be deeper than you can handleSo, beware ‘n keep a good eye on your heart .. ‘cause..©1990 Mark Brine Music (BMI)