From the recording Electric Hillbilly

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Written by: Mark Brine

You’re a pretty woman, you’ve got everything it takes
But after losin’ her I guess I’m leery of mistakes
So I’m gonna hit the highway, now don’t you look for no excuse
I’m leaving while the knot of love’s still loose

‘cause love just doesn’t feel right I can’t dive back in for more
After almost drowning I’m still headin’ for the shore
So if there’s any problem it’s with me and nothin’ more
Than love just doesn’t feel right anymore

‘cause once ya touch a fire and it burns your fingertips
It don’t make it easier to risk relationships
And after what I’ve just been through, I guess I’m just as sore
‘cause love just doesn’t feel right anymore
©2006 Mark Brine/Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)