1. Mae West Momma

From the recording for Karrie

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Written by: Mark Brine
Got me a Mae West Momma.  She looks like that movie star.  Got me a Mae West Momma.  She acts like that movie star.  She got a birthmark on her cheek and her elbow on the bar. 
She got a frontside that don't quit, a backside that don't fit.  She's always cussin' anybody that gives her any lip, my Mae West momma.  Man, that Momma's fine.  If you don't treat her with respect Lord-o-Lord, she'll slap ya blind. 
She's stoppin' traffic on the street.  All them cats give up their seat.  Just like a fryin' pan on feet, whenever she turns on the heat,
My Mae West momma.  Shoot, that gal is sweet.  She's a sight for my sore-eyeballs whenever hers, and my lids meet. 
She hangs down the casino, sometimes from a chandelier.  She got arrested for assault ‘n  she bit the sergeant on the ear.  She knows a buncha good half Nelson's. Man, that gal is mean.  She's my Mae West momma, and she can handle any scene. 
She's got a mink that don't stop growin',a credit card at Saks… diamonds and big hairdo's there ain't nothin' my gal lacks – my Mae West momma.  Lord, that gal is cool.  She waves a fan made in Japan, and she ain't anybody's fool.  ©2003 Mark Brine/Mark Brine Music (BMI)