1. Momma's Tears
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Written by: Mark Brine

Momma’s tears ... keep haunting me
I still can see them in her eyes
And though it’s oh so far behind me
Momma’s tears will never dry

1. We never had a lot to call our own
Lookin’ back we were poor
But like Mother Hubbard in our shabby home
Momma’d go without to give us more

2. ‘Cause time’s was hard ‘n money scarce to find
And though she’d try more times than not
I’d come home t’ find her head just restin’ there
On that old red ‘n white checkered table cloth

3. I was younger then, i didn’t understand
So many times i broke her heart
With selfish things I did ‘n words i said
Sometimes it tore her world apart

4. But, she’d be patient in her gentle way
She’d rarely ever raise her tone
Which makes it all that more regrettable
‘cause, it’s too late now to atone

©Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)