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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Three business men in an airportrushin’ to catch a flightknocked over a display of flowers ...  worked by a girl who had no sightYes, a blind girl, that when hearing it ... just broke down into tearsthen, scurried to the floor ... upon her knees ... she tried so hard to gather it near

2. Then the three men, in realizin’ ... slowed to look but time was pressedThey thought to return and help her but a wristwatch won the testAll except for one, so moved, he yelled to the others running on “Call my wife, tell her, I’ll catch the next flight”Then he started back, when they were gone

Chorus 1:Mr. Are you Jesus? .. the blind girlsaid as she looked over with tears still welled-up in her eyesas the man bent to the floorMr. are you Jesus?   ... Yes, he could hear that in his earsfar beyond that very moment ... and into passing years

3. Did you ever stop to consider ... just how muchwe affect each other’s livesand how one moment given, unselfishly Can be seen in another’s eyes ... yesIt goes beyond all words ... and beyond all human sightwhen we, like Jesus, stoop down to help one anotherand become His earthly light

Chorus 2:So, Mr. Are you Jesus?  and if you sayYou follow HimDoes it show itself in times like these ... If not ... I’ll ask you once againMr.  Are you Jesus?  ... f’ someday we’ll all hear that in our earsfar beyond these fleeting moments ‘n into Eternity’s endless years ...
©2007 Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)