1. Mr. Lazy Today
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Written by: Mark Brine

1. Mr. Lazy today... Don’t want to do a single thingFeelin’ crazy that way.. just like a school boy in the springPickin’ my ole guit on the hammock swing... Ain’t some people got it made?Ain’t feelin’ my oats but hey what can I sayJust suckin’ up lemonade ..in the shade cause

2. I’m Mr. Lazy today.. Don’t want to even talkTotally hazy today... Ain’t payin’ attention to the clockWatchin’ the world as it hurries on byDon’t want to get involved Do me a favor..  if you got you a problemGo somewhere’s else.. to get it solved please ..‘causeI’m Mr. Lazy today

Bridge:Mr. Lazy lackadaisical lazy meAin’t gonna work up no kinda sweat, you bet, ‘causeI’m Mr. Lazy today
3. Yeah, I’m Mr. Lazy today... Don’t want to do nuthin’Feelin’ dazed you could say..  ain’t no ands, ifs or buttin’s (‘bout it)Yeah, I’m Mr. Lazy today, etc. ©1987  Miss Rebecca Music (ASCAP)