From the recording My Christmas Song for You

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Written by: George Mooney (a.k.a. Will Travis)

I remember Christmas mornings
Round the tree with the family
All the sights and the sounds
And the feelin' of home
Those were good days
And I was young then
But every Christmas I'm young all over again
'Cause my memories are my friends

Chorus:This is my Christmas song for you
I hope it finds you home this year
Home with the ones that you hold dear
This Christmas day
To all the children in the world
Both young and young at heart
I hope you get what you asked for
This Christmas day

That time of year is here again
The time when everyone's a friend
Oh how I wish it wouldn't end so soon
This is my Christmas song for you
Lots of happiness and cheer
This is my wish both far and near
This Christmas day
©2006 Bivens Music (BMI)