From the recording Real Special Feelin'

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Written by: Bob Pyle
God said, if only you believeGod said, if only you will tryHe said, I will never leaveI'll be right there by your side
God said, you will never fallI'll be with you as you goAll you have to do is callI say, right NOW IS THE TIME I NEED YOU MOST

'Cause I just can't keep myself from slidin'As I'm climbin' up Mt. ZionI can hear the devil callin'Lord, please help me cause I'm fallin'
And I'm waitin', oh so patientlyI know you won't forsake meGive me back the faith I've lostNow's the time I need you most

God said when you call my nameI can see inside your heartYou and I could be the sameWhy should we be so far apart
Give back the love you took awayGive back the friendship that we knewIf you'll do these things for meI'll give back everything to you©1999 Mark Brine Music (BMI)